Intelligence Analyst


In 2004, the International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts (IALEIA) developed standards for intelligence analysts. Key among the standards is the development of certified education/training criteria. Although these standards focus on the law enforcement intelligence analyst, SESG can and has adopted the Intelligence Analyst training to meet specific industry needs. SESG's 40-hour IALEIA compliant certified training course meets the needs and requirements of the public sector, which can be tailored to also meet the needs and requirements of specific private sector industries, such as banking, insurance, finance, hospitality, utility and non-profit organizations. Additionally, the SESG 8-hour course provides an awareness of intelligence analysis well suited for law enforcement officers, first responders, members of the military, IT departments, and any industry doing business in the United States today.

Both courses have been designed by SESG Team members that are recognized experts and 2-year certification will be awarded upon completion of the 40-hour university certified course.