Emergency Management Preparedness and Program Planning


SESG Team members are time tested with the dynamic assessment, planning, training, and exercise process associated with emergency management preparedness and program planning. SESG Team members have extensive experience working collaboratively with local, county, state, federal, private sector industries and colleges and universities in this all important process.

SESG provides a unique seamless emergency preparedness process that can be utilized in whole or in part depending on your needs and requirements.

The need to prepare is a universal process that effects all industries and professions, both public and private. Certainly the impact that disasters have had on all levels of government has been seen. Additionally, 40% of all businesses who suffer a disaster, never reopen, 20% of small to medium-size businesses suffer major disaster every five years and 93% of companies that suffer significant data loss are out of business within five years.

The facts are clear, the need for consistent emergency management assessment, planning, training and education for the public and private sector is more vital than ever.

A review of the unique emergency preparedness assessment, planning, training and education services that SESG addressing specific industry needs provides diverse security training and education that embraces an all hazards, all threats approach that can be implemented to identify critical infrastructure, support security initiatives, develop protective measures, and respond to threats that may impact an industry/sector or specific site.

Whether you have a plan in place, or have never developed, tested or updated your emergency plan, now is the time to consider SESG as a partner that responds to your needs offering services within your budget.